How About Advertising Your Online Business Offline?

Posted on March 26, 2016 By

Advertising Your Online Business OfflineWhen running a business, you need publicity. After all, how can people do anything if they don’t even know your business exists? It doesn’t matter if you have the best small business in your neighbourhood; if they don’t know that you’re actually there, you cannot make any money.

What should you do then? Advertise. Put your name up there so people know who you are and what you offer them. It will help you build your brand and keep you in your customers’ minds.

If you have an online business, then you may think that the only way to advertise is through social media, creating your own website, in YouTube, etc. Let me stop you for a minute there. Don’t limit yourself to the Internet, because not everyone is online all the time. There are moments that people spend offline too. Because of that, you should also promote your online business using offline means. It’s nice to also catch people’s attention during those moments that they are unplugged. Pay attention to these 5 tips to advertise your business in the real world.

1. Giveaways

Everyone loves the idea of free. They could just be simple things like mugs, shirts, calendars, bags, pens, tumblers, or phone cases with the name and logo of your small business in them. Having your customers see your logo every day is a great way to advertise. Make sure that your giveaways are useful everyday items so people won’t just toss them in a box afterwards.

2. Press releases

Sometimes, you might consider conducting a few seminars here and there. To get people to know about your event, you can submit a press release to a news agency for a local or national paper. But make sure your press release is newsworthy, because if it isn’t, the editors will just scrap it straightaway.

3. Flyers and Brochures

A proven strategy for advertising is handing out brochures and flyers. They can be made en masse for cheap and are quite easy to distribute. You can drop them in mailboxes, hand them to people on the streets, display them in windows, and even slip them into newspapers.

4. Exhibits and Fairs

You can take part in local exhibits to show off your products. Since people only go to exhibits if they really want to, the people who go to your booth are most likely very interested in what you have to offer. It’s also a great opportunity to give your business cards or flyers to passersby. Make good use of your time in exhibits so you can maximise your company’s reach.

5. Word of Mouth

Perhaps the most trusted advertising method of all time is the word of mouth. Having your customers promote your products to other people they know is the best kind of advertising. If someone you trust recommends you a product, then you would most probably buy it yourself. The same principle applies to every customer out there.